Tam's 2019 Resolutions

Two weeks into 2019 and I feel that it’s already been a whirlwind of craziness. Holiday? What holiday? 🤣

How am I going to make 2019 different from every other year...

Plan, plan, PLAN. I’ve never been one from writing lists or setting goals but as my life (and child) becomes busier it is an essential coping mechanism that I am finding, I need to use. Trying to successfully juggle my work, business and family/social life leaves me with loooong ‘to do’ lists each day. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing an item off my list and although I don’t get to everything, everyday, writing my list for the next day allows me a chance to reflect on what carries more importance but also what I have already accomplished.

SELF CARE is another priority for me this year. Everything from eating better to sleeping for more than 5 hours a night and even making the dreaded check up appointment at the dentist, optometrist and gynae 🙈 that I promised to do a year ago but never did. I need to look after myself and be the best version of me in order to be the kind of role model I would like to be to my daughter and others.

Whatever you have decided to do this year for yourself or others I wish you all the strength and positive vibes you need to accomplish your goals.

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