It's Just Not My Bag, Baby ~ written by Natasha Nass, a self-diagnosed hopeless party planner

Birthdays. They are meant to be about you right? They are meant to bring together your nearest and dearest in celebration of the fact that life has given you another year on this planet and gosh darnit you gotta ring that in with a big ‘ol bash.

Now I’m not what you would call a natural party planner, preferring not to celebrate at all than to have to go to the party shop, buy a bunch of tinselled paraphernalia and organise this all weeks in advance so you’re not Nigel-No-Mates at your own party; it’s just not my bag, baby. My DNA preferred to be littered with nonchalance then last minute panic, hyperventilation and the cold sweats at even thinking of throwing anything for myself. Enter huge bouts of anxiety and sleepless nights (also cue tiny violin).

However, whether I admit it or not, I suffer from the “not-to-be-outdone” pressure from birthdays gone by. There is a pull to out-do by being bigger and better, as if this somehow shows I have grown into a more successful, self-sustaining adult. This year was no different.

Time was ticking on and a mere three weeks before the big day I still hadn’t a clue on what I was going to do. If only I could find a way to not lift a finger but still look like a lady who had her shit together. Simply impossible. And then it clicked. I swear to you in that moment the heavens parted and white doves flew out from behind me. This revelation had just three magical words: Pink. Dust. Events. A huge fan of their ladies nights off, I chastised myself for not having thought of it sooner. This ticked so many of my boxes in all the right ways:

1. I didn’t have to do a thing, except tell my friends, via a WhatsApp group naturally, to rock up at a certain time, at a certain place and on a certain date.

2. I saved money as my friends had to buy their own tickets (in lieu of gifts of course, I don’t suck as a friend that much).

3. My guests would all get a goody bag of fabulous free stuff.

4. Decorations would be sorted, and they would be beautiful. Organisers, Sam and Tam, are known for their gorgeous taste and attention to detail.

5. I wouldn’t have to cook, and my friends wouldn’t have to eat my cooking. (A massive win for everyone, believe me).

6. I get a gift from the PDE ladies and special mention on the day i.e it’s all about me!

7. I actually get to enjoy the day by not being the host.

8. I would look like a genius as my friends sipped their free welcome drink, enjoyed the live entertainment and mused at how far I have come in a year.

Problem. Solved.

It was nothing short of spectacular. I rocked up draped in full pink velvet loveliness without a care in the world, champagne in hand and the biggest smile on my face. Now the only thing to do is not to worry about next year’s birthday either as Pink Dust Events has got me covered.

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