Friday Feature Female: Megan Kate Ras

Our goal for Pink Dust Events is to uplift and encourage our fellow females. At each event there have been phenomenal women in attendance and we would like to showcase their bravery, beauty and brains every Friday in this new initiative.

In each feature we will give you a brief intro to the women being featured, what it means to her to be a woman and a quote she lives by. We hope these glimpses into their lives will inspire you to be the queen that you are.

Name: Megan Kate Ras

What I Do: I am employed full time, blog over at Mommalikeme, and own Bunting + Blooms – my newest baby, a Party Planning company.

What being a women means to me: I can be whoever I want to be. I can do whatever I dream to be. I can fulfil all my roles of wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend and still do and be more. I am a Woman.

Quote I live by: “It’s not your job to like me – it’s mine.” Byron Katie. I think especially as I’ve grown older, and into my own skin, I’ve come to love and live by this quote.

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