Friday Feature Female: Claudia Alexis Law

Our goal for Pink Dust Events is to uplift and encourage our fellow females. At each event there have been phenomenal women in attendance and we would like to showcase their bravery, beauty and brains every Friday in this new initiative.

In each feature we will give you a brief intro to the women being featured, what it means to her to be a woman and a quote she lives by. We hope these glimpses into their lives will inspire you to be the queen that you are.

Name: Claudia Alexis Law

What I Do: Good freaking question! Sometimes is feels more like “what don’t I do”. In my household and family, I am a wife, a mother, the chef (and sometimes the take away orderer), the night nurse, the doctor (well actually Dr google and I work quite closely together – you may have heard of him). I am the mess maker but also the cleaner-uper, the mistake maker, the example, the entertainer (sometimes referred to as the music or channel chooser), the personal shopper, the daughter, the sister, the friend (more affectionately known as, the laugh creator, advice giver, the side line cheerleader and most importantly, the wine sharer), that is just to name a few.

My 9-5 involves working in the regulatory affairs space in the Pharma industry, but my new found love and passion comes from my new business venture where I am the co-founder and creative behind the start up “Durty Diaperz” brand. (Go check us out on FB) It is a hip hop and sass inspired baby and toddler apparel, that I just casually decided to start up (after being inspired by the pink dust queens, Tam and Sam). This all came about in my last month of maternity leave – WHO NEEDS SLEEP RIGHT? Looking at that list I wonder how I do it all – answer is, sometimes I don’t, but I am ok with that to. In a nutshell, I DO ME, all crazy parts of it, make up who and what I am today, and I LOVE HER.

What being a women means to me: Being a women to me means just a few of the examples listed above, mixed with sassiness and confidence that no one can strip from you. WE ARE FIERCE. We help hold our families together while juggling the weight of the world on our shoulders. Baring in mind, we do all this while in heels. I MEAN REALLY SISTA – we are heroes. Sure we have our challenges, but if we didn’t, life would be boring.

We are not bound by a single title and cannot be put in one box. Being a woman is a crazy beautiful blend of responsibilities, losses, mistakes, lessons and growth. These things affect us all, at some stage in our lives, it is how we use these experiences that make us who we are today.Who we are and what we stand for helps shape not only us, but those closest to us, and those closest to them, and them and them… The butterfly effect. So we have a huge responsibility on our hands, to make the world a better place, one action, one word one moment at a time – NO PRESSURE LADIES.

I personally like to see myself as a change agent, it may not be on a grand scale, but I try my darndest to make my interactions with people, from all walks of life awesome. To make them feel that much better about themselves, about their day, about their lives, or even to just to crack a smile or even better to get a belly laugh. We attract what we believe we are worth…and darlings, we are irreplaceable.

Quote I live by: “Still I rise” – from a poem By the late Maya Angelo “She would fly regardless” - from a poem by J.Raymond “Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY” – Unknown

For those days where I am feeling extra sassy: “If I was you, I'd wanna be me too” - Meghan Trainor


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